Friday, February 6, 2009

Whirlwind in the Windy City

The day started with a 4:30 wake up, a rush to the airport and quick hop to C-town.

We spent the day with Anita Lustira and Melinda Schmidt at Moody Midday Connection. It is always great to be with this women. This is by far our favorite radio show to do. We did one live show based on our new book Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys, and then we taped another show that will air in March on some really hop button topics concerning boys. We covered everything from porn, to single moms, to sexual abuse, to father issues, to ADD/ADHD, and more.

We then raced (literally) to Wheaton Christian Grammer School where we did a teacher inservice, stuffed our face with Gino's East stuffed pizza, and then did a community outreach event that attracted over 250 parents, grandparents, youth workers, and educators. It was great to see so many people interested in the art of nurturing boys. This a an incredible school that is obviously engaged on the front lines of loving and educating the next generation of leaders.

We signed a bunch of books and then went to the hotel and collapsed.

This morning we had breakfast with our aquisition editor at Tyndale House and then went over Wheaton College to meet with a great man Dr. Stanton Jones. Dr. Jones and his wife, Brenna, have written a series of books that we often recommend to parents on talking to kids about sex.

Then it was off to the airport, but not without first stopping at Giordano's for more stuffed pizza. Oh the excess!!! Then off to the airport where we are trying to get on an earlier flight back to Nashville.

Our manager, David Huffman, took some great pictures of the last couple of days that we will post later.

Stephen and David

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