Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wild Things at Central Baptist Church Bearden, Knoxville, TN

Just got back to Nashville from a fantastic weekend in Knoxville at Central Baptist Church Bearden. Saturday, we spoke twice on the development of boys to over one hundred and fifty parents, grandparents, and teachers. This morning on Sunday we spoke to about two hundred parents and grandparents about “A Boy and His Mother “and “A Boy and His Father.” We also fielded questions from parents about the development of their sons.

It was refreshing and encouraging to see so many parents, grandparents, and teachers get so deeply involved in the life of the boys we loved. We met some fantastic people. We also got some great sushi for lunch at Sobu on our way out of town. Go figure, great sushi in Knoxville.

We gathered some great questions that attendees submitted from the events and we will be posting answers to them over the next several days.

Stephen and David


  1. Great to have you guys at our church! I really enjoyed the insights you shared and look forward to reading Wild Things! My wife and I are already using some of the things you shared. We immediately realized one important aspect - how do we help our Wild Thing's sister understand Wild Thing?

  2. Also, next time you are here try Taste of Thai - yes, Thai in Knoxville and its very good!

  3. I attended your "WILD THINGS" at Central Baptist in Bearden and really enjoyed your talk. It gave me great insight on how boys think and why. I was wondering if you are planning a book on girls? Maybe "Sugar and Spice" lol thanks for your wisdom and for sharing your knowledge.
    Cindy Callaway

  4. I missed your workshop because my husband was sick. I'm so bummed that I missed out on all your wisdom. I'll stay tuned here and I'll try to get your book soon.

  5. Thank you so much for having the teleconference tonight. I really got a lot out of it. I am looking forward to reading the new book with my wife and becoming a better Dad to my boys. They do deserve so much more, and God calls me to be much more than I am now. thank you for offering your books in Kindle versions as well.

    John in New Jersey